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October 18, 2023

Resource guide to create powerful campaigns

Nonprofits use campaigns to reach a particular audience to take a specific action. Campaigns can help celebrate accomplishments, shift narratives, inspire donors to give, and encourage people to access resources or get involved. Whatever your nonprofit is campaigning for, you must communicate well with your community. This means having an intentional strategy, clear messages, strong visuals, and being inclusive. Here is a list of resources to help guide your next campaign. 

Craft and execute a strong theme or concept

Generate engagement, build mindshare, and foster inclusion


Campaigns are an opportunity to encourage active participation, cultivate a common understanding, and integrate DEI. We hope these resources will help as you begin to plan your next fundraising, outreach, recruitment, advocacy, or anniversary campaign. 

Need help? Big Duck can assist in creating campaigns that inspire audiences to take actions that drive your mission forward. Drop us a line if you want to learn more.

Jen Petersen

Jen Petersen is the Marketing Manager, Worker-Owner at Big Duck

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