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Shifting the narrative about abortion

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The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice (formerly the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health) builds Latina power to guarantee rights to reproductive health, dignity, and justice. To dispel outdated myths and stigma around abortion, they needed a campaign to amplify the voices of Latinx support—and spark participation.

Lifting up the voices and stories of abortion.

After launching a more grassroots version of the Yo Te Apoyo/I support you campaign in 2013, the Latina Institute conducted research which revealed that the majority of the Latinx community supports loved ones considering or experiencing abortion. With this myth-busting research on hand, they knew they needed to take Yo Te Apoyo to the next level by developing a powerful communications campaign to take a bold step toward shifting the narrative about abortion.

The Latina Institute aimed to launch a campaign that would measurably raise awareness of support for abortion in Latinx communities. Big Duck synthesized existing research insights, developed creative concepts lifting up the voices of support, and mapped out a comprehensive plan detailing how to reach key audiences, drive action, and build relationships.

Choosing the strongest frame

Big Duck created a series of mockups for testing the campaign, along with messaging direction for each, so the Latina Institute could evaluate their strength with focus groups. With goals to help audiences see themselves in the campaign and move them toward taking quantifiable, movement-building actions, one frame of support rose to the top: 100 Reasons Why.

Video series
We worked with a videographer, reviewing the scripts, storyboards, and photography to produce a series of online videos featuring campaign messengers.
Animated ads
Animated ads raise awareness and inspire a larger conversation about abortion access, motivating audiences to share their own reason for support.
Final campaign concept
The final campaign highlights the diverse voices of Latinx, engaging audiences to share their reasons for supporting loved ones experiencing abortion.


Using Big Duck’s design mock ups as a guide and partnering with a web developer, the Latina Institute created a microsite and engagement tool for Yo Te Apoyo. Users create and share their own reasons for supporting loved ones experiencing abortion—at once spreading awareness and capturing emails for their list.


Views across 10 campaign videos within 1st month of launch

As a result

Yo Te Apoyo has grown from the seed of an idea to a compelling, multi-channel campaign. Launching first in South Florida with intentions to run the campaign nationally, Yo Te Apoyo includes a microsite with a meme generator for people to create and share their own reasons for support, campaign videos, digital ads, and more.


Our research shows that 89% of Latino/a voters would support a loved one who considers abortion. Our aim with the campaign is to shift the narrative surrounding Latinxs and abortion by incorporating a message of compassion and acceptance that are the hallmarks of our culture. Thanks to Big Duck’s collaboration with our staff and other partners, Yo Te Apoyo has grown into something powerful and effective that we hope to replicate nationally.

— Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas, Executive Director, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice

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