A strong campaign tells a compelling story to the right people, inspiring them to sign up, donate, smile, and act. It draws the right audiences in and reinforces your nonprofit’s brand during their journey, so they feel more connected to your work.

Big Duck develops campaigns that work triple duty—carrying your nonprofit’s voice out into the world, welcoming people to connect with your organization, and motivating them to act in ways that advance your mission. These are typically major donor or capital campaigns, recruitment, and awareness campaigns.

Big Duck’s strategic and creative direction was thoughtful and unique, building seamlessly on the work we’d done with fundraising counsel and in-house. The resulting materials bring the campaign, and our brand, compellingly to life and help our team jumpstart meaningful conversations with our donors. They truly express who we are and where we are heading.

— Bonnie Epstein, Vice Chancellor and Chief Development Officer, The Jewish Theological Seminary

Capital Campaigns

Inspire major donors to step up and invest in your organization’s long-term success. We’ll develop creative concepts, case statements, presentations, and other materials (print and digital) that place your donors at the heart of your narrative—motivating them to make your organization a top priority in their giving.

Big Duck has worked on many capital campaigns with financial goals ranging from 12 million to over a billion dollars. We regularly collaborate with fundraising advisors and capital campaign specialist firms to leverage their expertise and make sure all communications are pitch-perfect.

Recruitment and Awareness Campaigns

Big Duck develops brand-aligned campaigns that spark action and help you grow. Our work begins with planning and concept development to ensure the campaign is strategically sound and creatively strong. Depending on the campaign’s scale and your in-house capacity, we can also assist with implementation, connect you with other partners, or coach you as you bring it all to life.

Are you ready to turn observers into advocates, activists, and supporters? Let’s get started.