American Friends Service Committee

Raising funds for a world free of oppression

Social justice

To advance their new strategic plan, the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) needed a clear message to harness the moment and reach their supporters to create lasting change. Together, Big Duck and AFSC created a campaign concept: The Moment of Truth, and a flexible slogan: Change Calls For Courage. After crafting the campaign’s story and visual brand, we developed digital and printed case statements to bring the campaign to life and secure $50 million by 2025.

A bold future needs a powerful campaign

AFSC’s ambitious strategic plan doubled down on their work with international peacebuilding, U.S. community organizing, youth leadership, and Quaker engagement to counter the continued threats of systemic injustice. To help achieve these specific goals, Big Duck designed a campaign that leaned on AFSC’s values, global experience, and legacy of social justice work. The Moment of Truth Campaign amplified AFSC’s new strategic direction while highlighting their courageous community and their dedication to humanitarian efforts.

Crafting compelling communications assets

To ensure an inclusive rebrand process, Big Duck collaborated with AFSC staff, community members, and volunteers around the world to create a suite of campaign collateral. The materials included a campaign logo and a signature photo filter that transitioned images from full color to black and white half-tone dots to visually echo the idea of history being made now. The campaign creative stayed true to AFSC’s historic brand colors, while also leveraging their powerful photography to emphasize pivotal moments from their history, as well as some of the many critical issues we face today.

Calling supporters to take action for change

The Moment of Truth Campaign provided AFSC with a tailored tool to invite supporters to invest in their mission and work together to achieve a just world. The campaign continues to support the organization in connecting with individuals who share their values so they can energize peace-building initiatives and reach their goals.

Cover of the printed case for support booklet showing the campaign cover graphics, placed on a gray background.
To catch supporters’ attention, we used AFSC’s powerful photography to emphasize the urgency and emotion that drives their work.
Two sample campaign newsletter layouts on a gray background.
We designed newsletter layouts to help AFSC elevate how they tell their story through different creative outlets.
Cover slide of the digital presentation format of the campaign’s case for support, displayed on an ipad on a gray background.
Big Duck created an accessible digital presentation for AFSC to easily reach supporters and amplify their fundraising initiatives.

Big Duck and AFSC completed another project before developing the campaign — a total refinement of their iconic and historic brand. We redrew their logo to give it a more unique character while keeping it essentially continuous from the mark that’s defined them internationally for over a century. Combined with a flexible brand toolkit, these new colors, type, and messaging assets became the building blocks for a cohesive campaign.

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toward $50M goal in year three of five


increase in average major gift compared to pre-campaign


increase in average planned gift compared to pre-campaign

Big Duck created a bold and passionate campaign that has fueled momentum within our community and donor base. The campaign is helping us tell our story as we embark on this next phase in our journey for a just and equitable world.

— Mark Graham, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer