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July 21, 2021

Resource guide to facilitating a great meeting

Like many organizations have since the COVID-19 pandemic, Big Duck has been adjusting to remote life, and it has had its ups and downs. No more meetings in the conference room or randomly stopping past your colleague’s desk to bounce around that groundbreaking idea. As we have settled into this “new normal”, some have transitioned successfully from IRL to the cloud, and many may also be planning a return to the office. Whatever your situation, we’ve all learned new ways to gather and etiquette to follow. Should that meeting be an email? How do I remedy Zoom fatigue for myself and my team? This article by NPR shares better ways to have meetings, which is likely one of the topics at your cyber-watercooler. We have also been reflecting on this topic and have gathered some tips to help you facilitate great meetings whether you are working virtually from home or back in person.

On camera or off, remember there are things you can do to help make your interactions meaningful. We hope these tools will help you adjust and do just that. Are there other practices you’ve been in place or great ideas you’ve read, watched, or listened to from others? Let us know and send a note on our contact form here.

Jen Petersen

Jen Petersen is the Marketing Manager, Worker-Owner at Big Duck

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