The Jewish Board

Motivating young people to engage

Family and community

The Jewish Board, the largest mental health and social services agency in New York, launched a new program, Bridging the Gap, to support LGBTQ youth and children who have been sexually exploited. To grow participation, their team needed a youth-centric campaign they could implement and manage in-house.

A fresh start for smart communications.

Bridging the Gap offers support, mentorship, and skills-building to LGBTQ youth at risk of homelessness and children who have experienced sexual exploitation. Their team needed a campaign to launch their work publicly and serve as the program’s visual identity going forward. They also needed to raise awareness of the program among mental health professionals and motivate young people to get involved.

Creating a thoughtful and inclusive campaign.

Big Duck facilitated a focus group with current Bridging the Gap participants to learn more about their unique perspectives and experiences. Drawing from insights surfaced in the focus group, we developed three campaign concepts. Then, we held a follow-up meeting with young people in the program and Jewish Board stakeholders to select the final direction.

A successful launch

The final concept was incorporated into a detailed style guide and campaign plan scaled to their team’s capacity, including a messaging guide, practical tactics, metrics to assess the campaign’s performance, and more. Their staff had everything they needed to launch the campaign at NYC Pride 2018, and create branded outreach materials, swag, and engaging activities for young people to add their voice to the conversation and sign up.

Big Duck collaborated with our marketing team, program staff, and the young people we support to create a unique and compelling recruitment campaign. We took the one-page style guide they gave us and ran with it. We created branded materials for NYC Pride and reached over 300+ people in one day.

— Ned Gusick, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, The Jewish Board

As a result

Armed with the comprehensive campaign plan, one-page style guide, and messaging points Big Duck developed, the Bridging the Gap team has the tools they need to implement their youth recruitment campaign confidently and consistently in-house.


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