Jen Petersen

Marketing Manager, Worker-Owner


A lover of people, music, dogs, and adventure of all kinds, Jen loves learning and connecting with our clients and other nonprofits we engage through our content. She brings this enthusiasm and curiosity to Big Duck’s marketing and new business efforts.

Prior to joining Big Duck, Jen worked in the Seattle nonprofit sector for some incredible organizations, including the mighty public radio station KEXP 90.3FM. Wanting to explore and learn about different cultures, she embarked on an adventure working as a digital nomad. While traveling around tropical countries—and working to keep her freelancing skills sharp—Jen stumbled upon a small fishing village in Belize and settled down. 

Outside of Big Duck, you might find Jen listening to music, reading a book at her favorite spot on the beach, or binge-watching the newest Netflix show. 

Jen is also the Vice Chair of Big Duck’s board of directors.

Insights by Jen