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April 11, 2022

The capital campaign case statement: Friend or foe to equitable fundraising

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As cornerstones of capital campaigns typically used to persuade donors into making a major gift, case statements are often crafted to appeal to a small group of high-net-worth individuals and center their desires.

In this session, Claire Taylor Hansen, creative director, and Hannah Thomas, director of learning and innovation, asked attendees to challenge their assumptions and approaches to case statements and invited them to imagine something different and more equitable.

Attendees left the session able to:

  • Identify ways dominant approaches to capital campaign case statements reinforce inequity.
  • Apply recommendations for creating case statements that advance equity.
  • Reference examples of case statement approaches that push the envelope and promote fresh thinking.

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Jen Petersen

Jen Petersen is the Marketing Manager, Worker-Owner at Big Duck

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Claire Taylor Hansen

Claire Taylor Hansen is a Creative Director, Worker-Owner at Big Duck

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Hannah Thomas

Hannah Thomas is the Former Director of Learning and Innovation at Big Duck

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