Advancing reproductive justice for 50 years

Social justice

As their 50th anniversary approached, Ipas needed a campaign to spotlight their global impact and call back to their 1973 founding in response to Roe v. Wade. They aimed to engage fired-up U.S. audiences and inspire their international community to mobilize. Big Duck created an anniversary campaign with global reach that equipped staff and partners with new tools and also amplified Ipas’ history and future of championing reproductive rights until they are accessible to all.

Energizing the movement through collaboration

To reach more people and generate support, Big Duck conducted a series of focus groups to better understand donor motivations and to gain a clear insight into what staff and spokespeople find most compelling about the organization, both in the United States and internationally. Big Duck used these findings to develop the campaign concept, “Abortion affects every body,” which honors Ipas’ legacy — how they’ve been a key player and collaborator in reproductive justice movements for 50 years — and acknowledges the current assault on access to abortion and contraception. Heavily informed by the focus groups, the campaign’s collateral showcased imagery that reflected a wide range of identities to visually communicate abortion’s impact on every body and also pulled language from the conversations that would resonate with audiences worldwide.

Crafting a bold campaign to capture a bold history

Big Duck brought the campaign to life by creating a tagline, a 50th-anniversary logomark, and a compelling – and informative – digital case for giving. The assets centered on the stories of communities, grassroots movements, and individuals around the globe pushing for their right to bodily autonomy as a way of telling Ipas’ own story. This approach both authentically represented the organization’s confident, unrelenting personality and also reinforced the message that abortion rights do affect everybody and “every body.”

Video post from Ipas Nigeria.
The campaign was adapted by Ipas advocates around the globe to amplify their own reproductive movements, like in this video post from Ipas Nigeria.
Ipas’ 50th anniversary campaign visuals displayed on their website homepage.
Big Duck developed bold campaign visuals adaptable across digital and print platforms.
Ipas’ 50th anniversary campaign concept, “Abortion affects every body,” and accompanying campaign visuals.
Showcasing stories from around the world humanizes a politicized issue and emphasizes the impact of access to sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Results: mobilizing support for the next chapter

The campaign and its materials equipped stakeholders with the tools they needed to leverage the growing momentum of support from a new generation of reproductive rights activists who were galvanized by the overturning of Roe. Since the launch of the campaign, Ipas has increased their email subscriber list by 53% and their country offices continue to use the campaign as they prepare for the next 50 years of expanding access and protecting reproductive freedom.

The campaign concept really spoke to our work. By elevating the idea of ‘every body,’ Big Duck honored the people we work for and the many community leaders, health providers, youth groups, and lawmakers we partner with to advance reproductive rights for all.

— Jennifer Daw Holloway, Director, Communications

Reaching every body

The “Abortion affects every body” campaign ran internationally, and was remixed and repurposed by advocates around the globe to celebrate Ipas and call attention to their work. In the US, the cross-channel campaign appeared in the New York Times, amplifying Ipas’ reach and spreading awareness for the need.

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