The Humane League

Mobilizing people to take action for animals


The Humane League (THL) needed to reach new audiences and build lasting relationships to build a passionate community of donors, volunteers, and activists ready to take action against animal cruelty.

Big Duck conducted extensive research to craft audience profiles and a persuasive messaging framework to help attract new audiences, boost community engagement, and advance their mission.

Identifying supporters’ mindsets

To strengthen relationships with their community, Big Duck organized a series of focus groups with staff, interviews with their community, and an online survey to better understand supporters’ motivations, values, barriers, and needs. Big Duck also conducted a peer scan to learn how other organizations engage with their audiences. Together, these insights guided the creation of five comprehensive and clear audience profiles: passionate vegans, people dedicated to corporate accountability, animal lovers, people who are impact-driven, and people committed to social justice. Big Duck then developed a ladder of engagement and a set of persuasive messages to inspire audience action.

A quote from Big Duck’s interviews with The Humane League audiences, “I don’t really know a lot about the petitions going around, but I sign them anyway; I would like to have more protests in smaller cities and more actions for people to join”
Big Duck's research uncovered actionable insights from current and potential supporters.

As a result

A strategy for engagement

The ladder of engagement and persuasive messages equipped THL to be more intentional with their communications strategy. Additionally, both tools map out the channels, approaches, and messages they need to reach audiences, connect, and turn them into consistent action-takers.

Big Duck helped our team change how we approach and motivate our audiences so that we can make an even greater impact and achieve significant wins for animals.

— Ashley Chang, Content Manager