Wayfinder Family Services

Unifying an expanding organization

Family and community

A growing human services agency needed a cohesive identity that would honor where they’ve been and embrace where they’re headed.

Growth led an organization into a wider range of services.

Junior Blind of America began in Los Angeles in 1953 as a recreational program for children with vision loss. Today, it’s a powerful organization with a statewide presence and deep expertise in programmatic areas that extend far beyond visual impairment including special needs, foster care, adoption, and mental health services. The “Junior Blind” identity was an important part of their history, but it no longer represented the organization they had become.

Building on history while making room to tell a larger story.

Junior Blind has long been known as the go-to place for programs for the visually impaired in California. To be effective, a new identity had to appeal to clients and donors with connections to issues around vision loss, as well as to new audiences who were more familiar with them for other areas of their work.

A name that fits—with flexibility

Big Duck’s creative process quickly surfaced the “wayfinder” as a powerful metaphor for their diverse services—a concept that spoke to their individualized approach, to their emphasis on partnership and empowerment, and to their work with the visually impaired. “Wayfinder Family Services” is both a name and the basis for a holistic brand identity that can grow with them for many years to come.

Together, we’ll reach new heights.

The Wayfinder Family Services brand embraces the full  scope of their expanding work—vision loss, special needs, foster services, and more—in a unified and powerful voice.

Big Duck are the buy-in experts. Not by convincing stakeholders at the end of the process, but by involving them in healthy conversations every step of the way. Encouraging everyone to express their opinions and concerns allowed for a productive discussion that yielded a strong identity—one that all agreed embodies who our organization is and where it’s going.

— Ed Chambliss, Branding Committee Chair, Wayfinder Family Services

As a result

Wayfinder Family Services is communicating with one voice, connecting the dots between all aspects of their work and building deeper relationships with old and new audiences.


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