Old Westbury Gardens

Investing in the future of a historic organization

Arts and culture

When Old Westbury Gardens, a historic estate nestled in Long Island, embarked on a capital campaign to fund critical preservation projects, they needed a campaign brand identity and case statement to take them from the quiet to public phase.

Balancing urgency and opportunity.

Old Westbury Gardens has welcomed visitors of all ages to the 200 acres of gardens, grounds, and the house itself through guided tours and events since 1959. After undergoing a capital campaign planning process, they decided to pursue an $8 million campaign to replace the roof of the Westbury House and lay the groundwork for future programs.

Developing an elegant campaign identity

Big Duck developed the campaign name, visuals and tagline, and designed a case statement to inspire high-capacity donors—garden enthusiasts and lovers of historic properties—to give. In addition to interviewing key board members, campaign stakeholders, and a member of the Phipps family, we toured Old Westbury Gardens to gain insights that would inform our creative strategy and concepting.

Old Westbury Gardens case statement
Big Duck designed a case statement to inspire high-capacity donors

The Landmark Campaign

The final concept played up the estate’s remarkable authenticity and accessibility, connecting the future of Old Westbury Gardens to the opportunity to see, feel, and touch history. We edited statement copy drafted by Graham Pelton to tie into the campaign concept and flowed the story into a sophisticated and practical design.

As a result

Old Westbury Gardens began the quiet phase of their capital campaign in mid-2018, using the case statement to support key conversations with potential donors. They’re currently on pace to meet their goals.  

Big Duck translated our vision into a stunning case statement. Donors’ faces light up when they look through it. They can see why their partnership is needed to preserve Old Westbury Gardens’ unique history.

— Nancy Costopulos, President and CEO, Old Westbury Gardens

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