Tamaki Sono


A brand is your organization’s voice. It’s what your audiences hear, see, experience, and feel—and the impression that is formed as a result of their experiences with you. Your voice may be disjointed, murky, and barely louder than a whisper. Or your voice can ring out clearly, differentiate, and reverberate.

A strong brand isn’t just a temporary fix or a website update. It’s built for the long haul, often to express a new strategic plan, the vision of a new leader, or other seismic shifts. Rebranding means communicating that vision deeply and authentically, internally and externally. A strong brand should advance the mission and help you grow.

We intended to blow the roof off our communications. Big Duck has helped us do that and more. Our voice is clear, direct, and rings true to the work we do every day to dismantle oppression. Everyone on our team has the tools to tell our story, and together, we’re connecting with and inspiring the next generation to get involved in our cases.

— Vince Warren, Executive Director, The Center for Constitutional Rights

Our step-by-step process clarifies and activates your organization’s most powerful voice. We will develop or refine brand strategy, visuals, and messaging that everyone in your nonprofit can use, delivered with a comprehensive brand guide.


Big Duck’s staff of strategists, designers, writers, and account managers thrive on collaboration. In addition to producing stellar strategic and creative work, we’ll help you manage many other variables that influence your rebrand’s success—even if your team has little or no experience. That includes navigating buy-in issues, managing your board’s participation, prioritizing multiple audiences, and more.

Big Duck has been developing the voices of determined nonprofits since 1994. We’ve refined a tried-and-true process to make rebranding manageable for our clients while delivering exceptional results. By combining elements of strategic planning and rebranding seamlessly, we tailor our process to fit your organization’s primary needs, building on the work you’ve already done, and providing a plan you’re set up to successfully advance. We even wrote the sector’s most widely-regarded book on nonprofit branding (it’s called Brandraising).

Our services also include custom marketing and communications planning. Big Duck gets to the core of what your organization’s communications should uniquely accomplish to advance your mission (e.g., recruit program participants, cultivate donor relationships, or change hearts and minds). Then we provide a clear plan detailing how you can turn up your impact by communicating more strategically.

Over the years, Big Duck has helped us shape the voice of our organization. We’ve leveraged that brand in our programs, fundraising, and advocacy efforts, establishing our leadership and engaging people to join our cause. We’ve more than doubled our annual budget, funded life-saving research, and passed legislation along the way. Big Duck has helped us refine and shape our identity at every stage.

— Pat Furlong, CEO, Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy

Let’s transform your voice from a whisper to a rallying cry.