Community Change

Making a more powerful first impression

Social justice

Community Change is a national organization that builds the power of low-income people of color to fight for a society where everyone can thrive. To achieve the ambitious goals of their 15-year strategic plan, they needed to elevate their voice.

The beginning of a new chapter.

For much of their history, Center for Community Change and Center for Community Change Action, their 501(c)(4) sister organization, intentionally stayed in the background, amplifying the voices of their local partners and directly affected people fighting for economic justice, racial equity, and immigrant rights. In order to accomplish their visionary goal—to dramatically improve the lives of people struggling to make ends meet in the United States, particularly poor people of color—Center for Community Change knew that they, and their partners, needed more power to enact change. Their brand was one form of power they could use to do it.

Balancing leadership and collaboration.

Center for Community Change works deeply with partner group cohorts, providing the strategic support, technical assistance, and resources to win economic and racial justice for their communities. Big Duck helped them define their organizational voice and navigate articulating their role in social change, while embracing the achievements of grassroots groups and people on the ground.

Creating a clear system to stand out

After establishing their brand strategy and a new framework for brand architecture, Big Duck helped craft a stronger story with a more unified visual and naming system. We evolved the names and aligned the logos of their 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations from Center for Community Change and Center for Community Change Action to Community Change and Community Change Action. This simple shift nods to the fact that Community Change has expanded beyond its founding as a “center,” aligns with the organization’s brand strategy, and helps audiences see the common purpose between both entities.

We also helped their team begin talking and writing about Community Change as a single organization—with unique value—rather than a summation of campaigns and programs. Then, we organized their new visual and messaging assets in an easily shareable online brand guide, ensuring everyone on staff had the tools to communicate about the organization consistently.

Real world applications
We showed Community Change how they could apply their new brand to all their communications—from annual reports to special events.
Adaptable color palette
Their bright color palette and gradient showcase their ability to adapt and build power across communities fighting for change.
Community Change brand before and after
Community Change and Community Change Action before and after rebranding.

Power from the ground up

To complement their simplified name, we crafted a tagline that evoked their strategic plan and served as a declaration of what must happen to create lasting change (as shown in this application).

Rollout is just the beginning

With a suite of assets, a new way to tell their story, rollout plan, and staff training to ensure their brand would be understood, integrated, and kept alive, Community Change soft-launched their rebrand at their 50th anniversary event, and publicly launched a few days after the 2018 midterm elections. The Community Change team is using their new brand to build power and advance the goals in their strategic plan.

Big Duck helped us find our voice, distilling our story to its most essential core. We’re confident in our ability to wield our brand as an asset in achieving bold, structural change by building recognition—and power—among elected officials, philanthropy, and movement partners.”

— Dorian T. Warren, President, Community Change

A strong brand is a form of power. Let’s build yours.