The Center for Constitutional Rights

Mobilizing a new generation in the fight for justice

Social justice

The Center for Constitutional Rights deploys legal advocacy and grassroots organizing to dismantle systems of oppression. Looking toward the future, they knew a strong brand would help engage and mobilize a new generation of progressives.

A strategic plan and political turning point converge.

The Center for Constitutional Rights’ team of lawyers have protected individuals and communities under threat of abusive power for decades. With the completion of a new strategic plan and dawn of an unpredictable political era, it was essential for the Center for Constitutional Rights to raise their visibility in the field and engage the social movements, lawyers, and younger base of activists needed to advance their work.

Together we built a brand to endure.

Working closely with their senior leadership and communications teams, Big Duck drew from the goals outlined in the Center for Constitutional Rights’ strategic plan to create a powerful and flexible visual system. We balanced their groundbreaking legacy with a focus on the future to tell a cohesive and compelling story about who they are and where they’re going as an organization.

Messages that rise above

In order to stand out from the reactionary rhetoric of the political climate, we developed a messaging platform that captured the full breadth of their work in direct, universal language. By exemplifying why the Center for Constitutional Rights is a critical force right now, and will be for the long-haul, new audiences can clearly see that they are the legal advocacy organization to support to build the power of social movements and fight for lasting justice.


Sub-brands under one roof

We defined a brand architecture strategy connecting special programs, like their podcast, The Activist Files, with their master brand, so audiences recognize the Center for Constitutional Rights faster and associate them with all of the work they do.

We intended to blow the roof off our communications. Big Duck has helped us do that and more. Our voice is clear, direct, and rings true to the work we do everyday to dismantle oppression. Everyone on our team has the tools to tell our story, and together, we’re connecting with and inspiring the next generation to get involved in our cases.

— Vince Warren, Executive Director, The Center for Constitutional Rights

Painting the town red

The Center for Constitutional Rights held a brand reveal party immediately following their signature annual event, Changemakers. By aligning the brand launch with a mission-driven event, they created a strategic link between celebrating their new look and feel to the rebrand’s larger purpose—to raise awareness (and funds) for the incredible work they do.

As a result

By using the tools to communicate with a strong, unified voice, the Center for Constitutional Rights is advancing the goals outlined in their strategic plan and building a sustainable pipeline of supporters committed to social justice.


Use your brand to mobilize the next generation. Big Duck can help.