Photo by The Newark Museum of Art.
The Newark Museum of Art

Attracting visitors with an updated brand

Arts and culture

The Newark Museum of Art is one of the oldest and largest museums in New Jersey. To get new visitors (families with kids living at home, young people, regional tourists, and Newark residents) in the door—and make the Museum matter to 21st-century audiences—they needed to make a more powerful first impression.

Reaching and engaging new audiences. 

Established to promote appreciation, understanding, and enjoyment of the arts and sciences, The Newark Museum of Art fosters curiosity and a community that welcomes everyone. The Newark Museum of Art needed a brand to attract younger audiences in their 20s and 30s without alienating families, and also wanted to double down on its impressive chops as a museum of art. In order to make the Museum appeal more broadly to families, young people, regional tourists, and local residents, they needed to overhaul their brand assets.

An energetic visual system.

The Newark Museum of Art wanted a new identity that promoted a vibrant and vital community space with lasting visitor connections. We conducted visitor interviews, developed the Museum’s audience personas, and, in a day-long intensive, worked with the Museum’s leadership to define their personality and positioning. We wrote a versatile tagline (“Make room to wonder.”) to match their new name and sharper focus as The Newark Museum of Art. We then created a new logo and brand architecture strategy for a refreshed visual system to match this new direction.

The new name, logo and tagline are featured prominently on signage in and around the museum campus.
An online brand guide helps keep the Museum’s branding consistent across all departments and programs.
We created a feeling of exploration and discovery in the new name and logo with a meandering shape that references a bird's eye view of a gallery's floorplan.

A day of celebration

In a daylong community celebration, The Newark Museum of Art introduced their new brand with music, interactive activities, and public programming, attracting over 1,000 attendees.


The Newark Museum of Art received beaming coverage of their updated brand, by outlets such as The New York Times, The Star-Ledger, and ARTFORUM. They have received positive feedback on the visuals from community members, staff, donors, and trustees. The bold new identity continues to inspire Museum leadership to think even more provocatively about collection interpretations and public programming.

Big Duck created an energetic brand identity that creatively promotes our new name and reinforces our strategic focus to be the destination museum for culture seekers. We are already engaging new and returning visitors and members across all ages and commitment levels. This new dynamic identity system speaks to the meandering nature of exploration and discovery in our many galleries.

— Deborah Kasindorf, Vice President, Deputy Director/External Affairs