Access Justice Brooklyn

Refreshing a brand for a more equitable Brooklyn

Family and community
Social justice

After 30 years, the Brooklyn Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project determined that they needed a fresh approach to distinguish themselves, raise their profile, and accurately reflect their future and the tremendous growth that had recently occurred.

Big Duck co-created a refreshed brand identity—a new name, logo, tagline, updated colors, messaging, and a rollout plan to increase their public visibility and articulate the uniqueness, necessity, and urgency of their work.

Advocating for the community

Founded in 1990 to help close the gap in legal resources and representation in the borough, the Brooklyn Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project has always been — and always will be — a pioneer of contemporary pro bono models and a progressive force in the community. Still, systemic barriers to the legal process remain, leaving many people with low income — especially in marginalized communities — to face legal challenges alone. This, in part, is why the Brooklyn Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project has evolved into Access Justice Brooklyn.

A force for change

Big Duck and Access Justice Brooklyn collaborated to develop a brand strategy, new name, visual identity, and messaging platform that reflect the foundational ideas of the organization. They believe the legal process—and adequate support—should be open and available to everyone. We thoughtfully developed the new brand assets to signal this more imaginative and powerful future.

An equitable Brooklyn

Big Duck collaborated with Great Believer to bring Access Justice Brooklyn’s bold, new visual identity and messaging to life on a new website. The fresh look helps engage potential clients, volunteers, and donors.

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Big Duck helped focus us to have intentional and open discussions about the impact of our work and mission. Every step of the way, the deliverables exceeded our expectations. The new brand is dynamic, accessible, and all that we wanted. Beyond the final results, we appreciated how Big Duck facilitated the process–allowing staff, board and other stakeholders to participate, brainstorm, and have meaningful conversations–and ultimately partnering with us to create a new brand identity that is thoughtful and engaging.

— Heidi Lee Henderson, President & Chief Executive Officer, Access Justice Brooklyn


Shifting support to neighbors

Access Justice Brooklyn’s updated visual identity and messaging better express who they are and what they stand for, making it easier for people to connect with them and advancing their efforts to break down systemic barriers to legal support.