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May 13, 2013

Impactful Impact | Weekly Roundup

Meghan Teich

  • Impact is the current buzzword in the nonprofit world, and while it’s overused (in our opinion), the idea behind it has value. Check out Hubspot’s post on how to demonstrate your organization’s impact for donors and supporters by using smart, strategic content. 
  • What if there were four quick and easy settings you could change on Facebook to help your page better reach your audience? Well, there are! Check out John Haydon’s post and take a few minutes to update your page. 
  • The science behind using powerful storytelling to incentivize action online is just that – science. Check out’s post on how emotions can motivate us to do something about a problem. 
  • Don’t have any time to dedicate to social media? Well, if you can set aside justthirty minutes a day, Pardot has an action plan to rock your Facebook and Twitter presence. 
  • Still want more social media resources? Get inspired by how the top fifty nonprofits “do” social media with this infographic created by CraigConnects. 

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