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July 14, 2014

Send Big Duck to Texas: Vote for Sarah and Farra’s 2015 NTC session proposals

Even though we’re still sweltering through a sticky July, it’s time to start gearing up for the 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference, taking place next March in Austin. As NTC veterans, Big Duck’s president Sarah Durham and vice president Farra Trompeter have submitted two session proposals each. Now, we need your help! To help Sarah and Farra make it to Texas, take a moment to check out their session descriptions and vote for their workshops before midnight EST on Friday, July 18. 

Paradox but Possible: How to Stay Hardcore on Work AND Maintain a Rich Personal Life—A Working Session

Do you love gardening, but time and time again find your plants near death as you’ve worked late every night so haven’t watered them? Or perhaps you’re mostly the mom, dad or pet owner you want to be, but aren’t comfortable with the feeling you’re just sliding by in your marketing job. Ugh–we’ve all been there. Join us as we talk balance, productivity, satisfaction and what’s good enough. Vote here.

The Rebrand Effect: Accelerating Fundraising Through Communications

How does branding help a nonprofit? How does it impact internal and external communications? This interactive session will articulate what branding means for a nonprofit, and demonstrate how it can provide a basis for more streamlined, compelling fundraising with individuals and corporations. Vote here.

Planning for Day 2–Keeping Your Website Current Beyond Launch

Going through a website redesign is expensive, time-consuming, and overwhelming. So much energy goes into launching the new site, that it’s easy to lose track of what comes next. In this session, we’ll talk about how to keep your site current – how to strategize, set up processes, and find time. Vote here.

Conferences like the NTC are full of great resources and things to try. But how do you convince your boss to let you put all these great new ideas into action? Getting buy-in to change your organization’s culture, processes, and behavior takes time. And while younger staff are given the keys to drive an organization’s adoption of new technologies, some are more likely to be heard and trusted than others. In this interactive session, we’ll share a process you can use to align your staff around your next big idea. Vote here.

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Maya Ovrutsky

Maya Ovrutsky is the Former Director of Client Experience, Member-Owner at Big Duck

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