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July 8, 2015

Send Farra to 2016 NTC!

The Fourth of July is only just behind us, but it’s already time to start gearing up for the 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC), taking place next March in San Jose, CA. NTC vet (and NTEN board member!) Farra Trompeter has submitted three sessions this year, covering everything from marketing automation to organizational development.

Now, we need your help! To get Farra and some of her favorite nonprofiteers to the West Coast, vote for these three workshops before midnight EST on Friday, July 31

High-Tech for High-Touch: Using digital tools to customize your supporter engagement

Pitched with John Mix, Director of Data and Systems Analytics at International Rescue Committee and Judi Sohn, Open Source Community Manager at Salesforce Foundation 

When it comes to communicating with your audiences, customization is king. The more personalized your outreach is, the more likely your audience is to take the action you’re asking them to take. We’ve seen for-profits doing this for a while–they gather data on customers and turn that data into targeted communications that reach specific groups at specific times, through specific channels.

So how can nonprofits take a page from the for-profit book to deepen their audience engagement? This workshop will explore marketing automation software and CRM systems as tools for developing high-touch relationships—without maxing out your team’s time, budget, and resources. We’ll be sure to investigate strategy too! VOTE HERE.

Is It Time to Rethink Your Website?

Pitched with Kira Marchenese, Senior Director, Digital Platforms and Strategy at Environmental Defense Fund

We asked this question first at the 2012 NTC and it seems like it is still top of many nonprofiteers’ minds. Does your website give people what they need and how they want to find it? Does it serve your mission and current goals? How have usability and design trends impacted what your donors and participants expect from your website? Do you have a content strategy and resources you need to keep your site up to date–from launch and beyond? We’ll have fun taking a stroll down memory lane – playing “name that year” on site designs and looking at some awesome successes and a few wonderful failures.

In this workshop, participants will gain:

-An understanding of what has changed in what people want from your website and how you can deliver it. 

-A step-by-step decision-making tool you can use to evaluate how much of a redesign you need, and how much you can handle – is a little refresh enough, do you need a complete redesign, or should you shift the ways you work with your existing site?

-Ideas for how to keep your site current and interactive beyond launch. VOTE HERE.

Your Communications Team in 2020: Are you ready for the future?

Pitched with Heather Holdridge, Director of Digital Advocacy at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Joe Moran, Director of Public Education & Engagement at True Colors Fund, and Tammy Gordon, Vice President, AARP 

Over the past 15 years, we’ve seen a real shift in how people communicate. There are now an overwhelming number of ways you can reach your donors, activists, volunteers, clients, and other members of the community. What’s the role of marketing and communications these days? What skills does your communications team need today, or what will they need tomorrow? How do you build a team with the right structure and size to manage?

In this session, we’ll explore how your communications department might work in the year 2020. We’ll investigate the roles, skills, and tools you will want to see in your staff. We’ll provide a roadmap to help you build a staff of strong communicators, who can engage and coordinate the messages that donors and other audiences receive. Together we’ll explore how to support and grow your current team; what new qualifications you might look for when making that next hire; and how to break down departmental silos and barriers. VOTE HERE.

Thanks for your support!

Maya Ovrutsky

Maya Ovrutsky is the Former Director of Client Experience, Member-Owner at Big Duck

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