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May 14, 2015

This week, Big Duck power lunched

Big Duck

I’ve always been passionate about the fight against child hunger. It’s an issue I care deeply aboutas do many of my fellow Ducks. That’s why I was thrilled to start Big Duck’s first-ever Skip Lunch Fight Hunger team.

A little background: City Harvest has been running the Skip Lunch Fight Hunger campaign for over ten years to raise money to fight child hunger. I’d already heard from my colleagues who worked with City Harvest on this project that they are an awesome organization running an amazing campaign (take a closer look at Big Duck’s work with City Harvest here). Getting the chance to become involved myself was so, so exciting.

So here’s how it worked…

Phase 1: Receive the welcome packet from City Harvest, filled with awesome stickers, a lunch bag to collect donations with, and a super cool poster. The Ducks fought over the goodies.

Phase 2: Get to work. After some gentle nudging and emailing, soon everyone had joined the Big Duck Team.

Phase 3: Donate and spread the word. In addition to donating money ourselves, we shared our page with friends and family, squeezing money out of them and asking them to send our page around. What we discovered: some Ducks, it turns out, are more popular on social media than others.

Step 4: Eat lunch. As an incentive to get the rest of the team as excited about Skip Lunch as I am, I coordinated a team lunch from Shake Shack (yum) halfway through the campaign week. Nothing like crinkly fries and milkshakes to get people feeling generouswe raised $611 by the end of the day!

Step 5: Keep it up. We have one day left and things are looking good. Maybe I’m biased, but I think the Big Duck team is the best. team. ever.

Did your office have a Skip Lunch Fight Hunger team this year? Let us know in the comments!