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August 7, 2017

Big Duck has changed. Here’s why.

Big Duck has a healthy practice of regular reflection and planning, just like most of the nonprofits we work with. We review our own vision and mission annually, and set specific objectives around what we’re trying to achieve. It’s a strategic planning process, and it helps us stay focused and healthy as a business.

If you’ve read any of our books or articles about branding you already know that the best time to consider updating your identity is often when a new strategic plan or leader’s vision is taking an organization in a new direction. That doesn’t mean we believe in change for change’s sake– in fact, we’re big fans of consistency. But sometimes an organization (or, in our case, a business) evolves, and it’s important to communicate your vision for the future clearly.

Big Duck helps nonprofits advance their goals using the power of communications– that’s always been our mission. We have a holistic vision of communications as a utility “lighting up” your whole organization so that people, especially donors, connect to your work no matter their point of entry. We want Big Duck’s resources, ideas, and services to raise the game for the entire nonprofit sector, so organizations of all shapes and sizes find it easier to leverage communications as a key strategy in achieving their missions.

In our recent strategic planning sessions we’ve uncovered that much of our best work happens during periods of significant change or growth in the organizations we serve.

To that end, we’ve begun developing new services specifically to help nonprofits navigate growth and change, including an area of work dedicated to building strong nonprofit in-house communications teams, a more affordable way to measure how your brand is perceived and valued, and more.

You might notice some updates to our own visual identity and messaging (on our website and beyond) which reflect who we are today and where we’re heading, with this additional layer of specialization.

Big Duck has been around for over two decades working with nonprofits, writing, speaking, and giving workshops, so we’ve got a lot of content to share. We’ve redesigned the Insights area of this website to make it easier for more nonprofits managing significant growth and change to find and access these resources, and we’ve started publishing more free ebooks, often collaboratively with other leaders in the sector.

We’ve got a lot more up our sleeves, too.

In 2018, expect us to roll out new services and tools designed to help nonprofits get better, faster, smarter, and stronger in all things communications, particularly as they manage big changes and growth.

Questions? Reactions? Want to explore if we’re a fit for your organization? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always eager to hear from you.