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November 13, 2009

Is your facial hair doing good? | Weekly Roundup

  • Does your mustache fight cancer? Eric Johnson’s does. ‘Tis the season for Movember, a fundraising challenge in which participants grow mustaches and raise money and awareness for men’s health and an example of the viral potential of clever cause-based initatives.
  • Another year, another New York Times special section on Giving. Check out this year’s articles, which address such topics as the recession’s effect on nonprofits and the implications of online tools (and then check out this post from Brian Reich about why he thinks the section missed the mark).
  • Have you started making Twitter lists yet? In a great post on her blog, Beth Kanter muses on the list feature in the context of Internet history, and offers some suggestions for how nonprofits can use them to best effect.
  • According to Chris Bailey, social media are like a giant refrigerator on which we (and our audiences) can proudly display our work. Wait…does that mean there’s food inside?!
  • Causes pulled out of MySpace late last week in an abrupt manner, leaving its 200,000 users there hanging. Amy Sample Ward reported about the change and its implications for causes online. It’s an important reminder that nothing is forever, and social media tools aren’t even close.

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