Elizabeth Ricca

Former Co-Director


As Big Duck’s Co-Director, Liz ensures that Big Duck is a healthy, thriving company—that we’re producing work that successfully meets or exceeds client’s needs, that we’re financially stable, and that we’re cultivating a healthy team that promotes equity, inclusion, and diversity in all of our collaborations. In addition to directing Big Duck’s business operations, Liz also leads our strategy team and works with clients to build strong brands, campaigns, and communications teams.

Liz joined Big Duck in 2007 and has since worked with dozens of nonprofits to establish clear frameworks for their brands, craft communications strategies that speak to varied audiences, and navigate the murky waters of change. She is particularly passionate about reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, and criminal justice reform.

A graduate of Yale University, Liz joined Big Duck as a coordinator on our account management team. Over the years, Liz has had a number of roles within Big Duck, including leading the strategy and account management teams and managing operations. She became a Partner in 2019 and Co-Director once the company transitioned to a worker-owned cooperative in 2021. Liz’s big-picture thinking coupled with her knack for getting things done has become invaluable to both Big Duck’s clients and our team.