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August 22, 2011

You win! | Weekly Roundup

  • When you’re new to social media, it can be hard to know what success looks like. What makes a great Facebook interaction? How can I tell the difference between a big opportunity and a passing comment? Robyn McIntyre offers some tips for recognizing a social media “win.”
  • The latest Benchmarks Extra (from M+R and NTEN) is all about Facebook, and it’s full of interesting tidbits that will help you build a stronger Page for your nonprofit. “Like” NTEN on Facebook to download a copy of your very own.
  • Hoping to boost your number of email subscribers? Start by sprucing up the e-news signup box on your website. Kivi Leroux Miller shares some ideas and examples on her blog.
  • If you’re a nonprofit fundraiser, you know that the name of the game these days is integration. There’s a new study out from Convio that takes a close look at how nonprofits are making their communications multi-channel–check out some helpful takeaways from Roger Craver on The Agitator.
  • Not really a morning person? Try Snooze–it’s an iPhone app that donates 25 cents to a nonprofit of your choice every time you tap the snooze button. Now when I sleep in, at least I can tell myself it’s for a good cause…