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August 20, 2010

There’s a new mayor in town | Weekly Roundup

  • Facebook has jumped into the location game this week with the launch of Places, an application that lets users “check in” to venues and share their real-time location with Facebook friends.What it means for nonprofits, and whether it will overtake, complement, or prove irrelevant to the success of similar popular applications like foursquare, remains to be seen. For now, a big initial concern is (surprise, surprise) privacy: check out this post from ReadWriteWeb for instructions on how to update your Facebook account privacy settings in light of the new features.
  • Should that button say “Donate” or “Give”? When in doubt, look to the data. Elliot Harmon on TechSoup Blog has put together a great post about the ins and outs of A/B testing, and how your nonprofit can use it to improve your communications.
  • Whether or not your nonprofit is active in social media, sooner or later, you’ll probably need to respond to a tough or touchy topic raised by a member of your community online. It can’t be avoided, but Chris Tuttle on NetWits Think Tank has put together some strategies and tips for how to approach sensitive situations when they arise.
  • Given the speed at which the digital world is changing, the future of online communications is unpredictable at best. How can nonprofits make smart choices about where to invest time and energy online? Brett Meyer on NTEN’s blog reviews some recent prognostications about what’s to come on the Web, and breaks down what they mean for nonprofits.
  • Does your web writing need a makeover? Kevin Cesarz offers some helpful tips for structuring your online copy to let the content truly shine.

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