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August 13, 2010

Survey says… | Weekly Roundup

  • Do you survey your supporters? On the Emma blog, Carolyn Kopprasch offers tips on how to craft your next survey so that it generates helpful responses and useful insight.
  • Email, snail mail, television, websites–name any communications channel, and I’ll bet we can find someone, somewhere, who has declared it “dead”. These pronouncements are generally more sensational than they are accurate, but Steve MacLaughlin has proposed a compelling candidate for an obituary: single-channel communications. It’s a multi-channel world out there, friends.
  • Know you need to step it up in social media, but not so tech-savvy? Not to worry. Lindy Dreyer on SocialFishing has compiled a list of easy-to-use tools to get you started listening and responding online.
  • Your organization may not have the resources to implement a dedicated PR strategy, but you do have a website (right?). Make good use of your site to communicate with the media with the help of this handy checklist from Hannah Brazee Gregory on Philanthropy Journal.
  • Before you invest resources in that new campaign idea, why not make sure it resonates with your audience? Matt Howes on Frogloop suggests some tools and tactics for test driving your marketing concept before you build it out.

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