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April 23, 2010

So, Facebook, what’s new? | Weekly Roundup

  • Facebook is making my head hurt this week. Let’s start with the easy one: language changes. If your organization has a Facebook Page, you’ve probably noticed the button formerly known as “become a fan” is now a “like” button. Facebook hopes this will lower the bar for engagement. Time will tell…
  • …and quickly, because Facebook has also created a “like” button that can be used on any webpage anywhere. This is just one of many new changes and initiatives announced this week at Facebook’s developer conference, helpfully summarized on the Fast Company blog. The implications are still emerging, but they’re big–Facebook has just made a serious bid to be the owner of your online identity. For nonprofits, expect the game to start changing as your website and your Facebook presence become ever more closely linked.
  • Happily, the second annual Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report (produced by NTEN, Common Knowledge, and ThePort) is here, just in time to help us figure out whether all this Facebook hoopla is even worth it from a nonprofit communications perspective. Download a copy, and see how your nonprofit’s social networking activity stacks up against the sector at large.

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