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December 11, 2009

Real-time is big time | Weekly Roundup

  • This week, Google rolled out real-time search results, which draw from Twitter, news articles, blogs, and other sources and appear as a stream on your search results page. (Facebook, MySpace, and other social networks will be joining the party soon.)
  • Twitter and Facebook in Google search results: one more good reason for your nonprofit to step up the social media, if you haven’t already.
  • Speaking of good reasons, here’s one for resolving to use more video in the new year. When you post a video to your Facebook page, visitors will now see a “Become a fan” button, making video a great tool for turning one-time visitors into long-term fans on Facebook.
  • When you encounter potential donors online, are you taking the time to build a relationship before you start asking for money? Two interesting posts–one from George Weiner at the Huffington Post, and one from Elliot Harmon at TechSoup–speak to the importance of letting would-be donors get to know you before making the ask.
  • You’ve heard all about the benefits of blogs as a tool for raising awareness, and you’ve been thinking about starting one for your nonprofit. But how will you come up with topics to write about? Joanne Fritz has the answer: “curation.”
  • Worried that your nonprofit isn’t ready for the openness and flexibility of social media? Well, as Nancy Dixon writes on Social Media Today, if the Army can do it, you can do it.

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