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October 22, 2010

Party on | Weekly Roundup

  • It’s an inbox party! Are your nonprofit’s emails on the guest list, or are they unwelcome crashers? On NTEN’s blog, Matt Burghdoff suggests some ways you can find out, as well as some reminders to help you guard against an email faux pas.
  • A new report from Donordigital and Convio shares the findings of their research into optimizing online donation forms–just in time for year-end fundraising. There’s no single recipe for success, but the report can help you identify the most important questions your organization needs to answer to get your forms in top condition.
  • Know your audience–it’s one of the first rules for nonprofit communicators. If you have a sneaking suspicion that you and your audience have lost touch and would experience some awkward silences over dinner, fear not: Pam Moore on Social Media Today has compiled a list of ways to get better acquainted with your audiences online.
  • Nothing helps a potential donor make a connection to your organization like a compelling, personal story. Jennifer Miller on Future Fundraising Now offers tips on conducting donor interviews that make you and the subject feel comfortable, and result in great material for your next publication.
  • Mobile isn’t right for every nonprofit, but if your organization’s mission is health-related, you may want to think about your mobile strategy: a new survey from the Pew Internet Project finds that U.S. adults are increasingly seeking out health information on their smartphones. Time to sharpen up your tiny-keyboard skills.

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