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October 23, 2009

Pages! No, groups! Wait, what? | Weekly Roundup

  • Remember when I said Facebook Groups were the way of the past? I stand corrected. Facebook has just rolled out a big update to Groups, making them look and act more like Pages. So if you haven’t had a chance yet to coax those group members over to a fan page, you can breathe a sigh of relief.
  • According to Facebook, though, “they still serve different purposes. Groups are for fostering member-to-member collaboration, while Pages remain the best way to broadcast messages to your fans.” My prediction? The distinction between the two will eventually disappear completely.
  • Idealware shares its experiences setting up and growing a Facebook page. They’ve found that most of their fans join for one of two reasons: they know the organization or someone who works there personally, or they expect to get a lot of value out of the connection. What attracts fans to your organization?
  • Too many organizations are missing out on opportunities to maintain connections with online advocates, and the quality of their email lists is suffering as a result. Is your nonprofit among them? Check out this post from Frogloop for a refresher on online advocacy best practices.
  • Just in time for the year-end giving season, Amazon will begin offering its Payments platform for donation processing. For now, Amazon Payments will be accepted only by a short list of large nonprofit organizations. But if it catches on, it could be big news for donors leery of sharing their credit card information online.
  • If you’re trying to juggle too many social networks and other social tools at one time, here are some tips for deciding when enough is enough. I’m so inspired, I’m going to stop writing this post.

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