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August 7, 2009

Open for conversation | Weekly Roundup

I lead a workshop on social media for nonprofits this week, so I’ve got conversation on the brain. This may or may not have influenced my link choices.
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  • A great post from Idealware invites you to think about the tone of your nonprofit’s message online by considering two factors: authenticity and relevance. The most effective orgs online manage to achieve both.
  • Over at Rally the Cause, Scott Henderson laments the fact that while many nonprofits are active in social media, few are joining in the spirit of conversation. Are you?
  • An interesting discussion at the Agitator this week as to whether it’s even worth it for your nonprofit to invest in social media from a fundraising perspective. The takeaway: make thoughtful and informed choices about what tools you think will bring the most value (fundraising or otherwise) to your nonprofit, and decide how much you’re willing to invest in finding out if it works.
  • Serious or playful, proactive or responsive, daring or conservative — your organization has a personality, but does it show in your materials? Kivi Leroux Miller speaks to the need for personality in your organization’s communications, online and off.
  • Social media is a world of retweeting, celebrating the ideas of others, and sharing the love. As Mark Schaefer at {grow} reminds us, the name of the game is authenticity. Is your nonprofit open for conversation?

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