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March 17, 2016

Going to NTC or AFP? Don’t miss the Ducks!

Big Duck

Are you ready to get your geek on next week, nonprofit style? If you’re attending AFP’s International Fundraising Conference or NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC), Sarah and Farra will be joing you to drop some serious knowledge and mingle with nonprofiteers like you.

For those of you who are heading to a slowly warming Boston or a sunny San Jose, here’s what you have to look forward to… (and please be sure to say “Hello!”)

International Fundraising Conference

The biggest Duck of them all, Big Duck prez Sarah Durham will be taking gender inequality down a notch at her session, “Lean in” to fundraising! Women, leadership, and fundraising career advancement.

Focusing on the role of women in fundraising in varied contexts, Sarah and Amy Eisenstein, Bertina Ceccarelli, Elizabeth Barajas-Román, and Andrea Kihlstedt will share career lessons and tips, then facilitate a discussion with participants. And, for those of you who weren’t aware of the need for a session like this in a field seemingly dominated by women, here’s a must read. And a bit more.

Nonprofit Technology Conference

You know it wouldn’t be NTC without bumping into Big Duck veep and NTEN board member Farra Trompeter, so we hope you’ll join her for High-Tech for High-Touch: Using Digital Tools to Customize Your Supporter Engagement.

The more personalized your outreach is, the more likely your audience is to take the action you’re asking them to take. That’s why Farra—along with’s Judi Sohn and and John Mix of the International Rescue Committee—wants to help you explore how to use marketing automation software and Salesforce as tools for developing deeper relationships (without overwhelming your team).

Not going to either?! That’s too bad, but there are still great ways to plug in from afar. Get on Twitter and follow #AFPFC and #16NTC—and don’t forget to keep up with @BigDuckSarah, @farra and @bigduck. Also, AFP is live streaming select sessions and NTEN will be broadcasting its three daily plenaries and streaming interviews with speakers. There may even be an NTEN Nonprofit Tech Club giving a recap event in your area.

Whether it’s in San Jose, Boston, or NYCwe hope to see you soon!