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October 7, 2015

The Salsa Challenge

You might think this is some sort of dance-off, but we Ducks prefer food to dance any day of the week. Last Wednesday we held our latest food challenge to test our refined palates. In previous challenges, we’ve compared everything from chocolate chip cookies to local beer, and this time we decided to add a little spice.

The rules were simple: bring in a jar of salsa to be judged based on three important factors—taste, originality, and “je ne sais quoi”. After all the salsas were put into identical bowls to eliminate bias, the Ducks started dipping.

The homemade salsas were pitted against the store-bought, the savory against the spicy. Some Ducks appreciated the veggie-filled homemade salsas, while others spent their time debating whether or not Salsa Con Queso really qualified as salsa (either way, we ate the whole bowl of cheese dip). As the Ducks filled up on chips and dip, it became clear that the homemade salsas were fan favorites. That being said, store-bought held its own, with salsa from a Queens restaurant grabbing lots of Duck votes. In the end, it was Nickie’s homemade mango salsa that took top prize. 

As The Salsa Challenge came to a close, our conversations turned away from salsa and to a heated debate about our next food challenge. There’s nothing we Ducks like talking about more than food, so what should our next challenge be? Pie? Cheese? Suggestions, anyone?