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July 10, 2009

New frontiers to conquer in volunteering, fundraising, and more | Weekly Round-Up

Here’s to another lovely week of nonprofit communicating.

  1. A New York Times op-ed discusses the importance of messaging for causes and aid efforts, in terms that spark some disagreement in the nonprofit sector, as Allison Fine captures on her blog.
  2. If you’re reflecting on your organization’s use of social media, this social media guide from the American Red Cross is a must-read.
  3. As our attention spans get shorter and shorter, we look for commitments that come in smaller and smaller pieces. Enter microvolunteering! What do you think — could you put your volunteers to work a minute or two at a time?
  4. Still struggling to connect your Facebook fan base to your website audience? A new embeddable “Fan Box” widget lets you put the latest activity from your fan page right on your homepage.
  5. A great guest post on Beth’s Blog shares details and lessons learned from implementing a short, targeted Twitter fundraising campaign.