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May 19, 2016

Immerse yourself in branding and fundraising this summer

Ever come back to work after attending a conference, head swimming with ideas—and heart racing with a touch of anxiety because you don’t know where to start? You learned some great theories and saw some wonderful case studies, but there was no time to process what you learned or determine how to put it into action. Fret not! We may have the professional development/capacity-building/skills development approach you’ve been looking for: Immersive workshops.

Immersive workshops represent a new approach to training. We help you not only discover the why and the what behind a topic—but also give you time to start wrapping your head around the how. We’ve also designed the curriculum of these one- and two-day sessions to allow for an active exchange of ideas between a small group of participants. Every session will help you better understand the importance of a topic and how to talk about it with your colleagues, offer some data to help you make the case, and then provide you with tools to create initial strategies and plans. And if you take the course with colleagues from your own organization, you’ll not only have someone who understands your new way of thinking and can help you implement your ideas, you’ll also get a discount on registration!

We will be teaching four Immersive workshops this Summer. Each session also includes a post-workshop coaching session with us either as part of the fee or for those who register early. If you work for a smaller nonprofit, consider taking the Immersive workshop on branding or year-end fundraising campaigns. If you work with a nonprofit that wants to increase the funds it gets from individual donors, consider taking the Immersive workshop on donor communications planning (with a special session in DC, too!).

Sarah will lead the first Immersive on July 14 on setting and using your nonprofit’s brand strategy. Whether you’ve read her book, Brandraising, or have been pondering when and how you might change your brand, this one-day Immersive workshop at Big Duck will will help you:

  • Gain a clear understanding of what brand strategy is and how it can help guide your communications with donors and other audiences
  • Set the tone and style for all of your communications
  • Evaluate which elements of your brand are working or not working—strategically, not subjectively

The early bird deadline for this session in June 8. You can learn more here and we hope to see you at one or more of these Immersive workshops this Summer!