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June 1, 2020

Is it time to change your nonprofit’s name?

Jen Bokoff, Katherine Ollenburger, Rinku Sen

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Does your organization’s name still represent who you are? Overwhelmed by the pros and cons of exploring a new name? Not sure where to start? In this video, learn how to assess if you should change your name, outline the steps in the process, including how to build buy-in, and apply to digital channels, and explore the issues that are critical to doing it successfully. This interactive panel discussion features three case studies from nonprofits who have changed their names: Candid, Community Change, and Race Forward.


  1. Apply strategic thinking to determine if you should change your organization’s name
  2. Define types of nonprofit names and evaluate if your name needs to change
  3. Learn lessons you can replicate and pitfalls to avoid in exploring a name change

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