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September 3, 2010

—another social network | Weekly Roundup

  • A warm online welcome to the latest arrival on the social networking scene: Ping, a music network from Apple. Ping probably won’t be immediately relevant for most nonprofits, but it depends–if music lovers are one of your audiences, you might want to keep an eye out as it grows.
  • Just when you’re thinking email is nice and predictable, Google changes up the game. Priority Inbox, a new feature for Gmail, uses a smart algorithm to pop the most important messages up to the top of the list. It brings up an important question for nonprofit communicators: how can make your org’s emails valuable and interesting enough to earn a priority spot in your recipient’s mailbox?
  • Don’t take it for granted that your website visitors want to receive your e-newsletter. On Future Fundraising Now, Jeff Brooks shares an example from New York Public Library illustrating why it’s important to make the case for why your emails are worth it.
  • Foursquare’s first cause-related badge–which you can earn by checking in when you get tested for STDs, as part of a campaign run by MTV–offers an interesting example of how nonprofits and causes can work location-based media into outreach efforts.
  • You know you need to measure your social media results–but are you measuring the right things? Find out with these tips from Beth Kanter on how to track your data in ways that are meaningful and relevant.

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