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June 27, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Duck Call!

Jenna Silverman

It’s been another fun year on the Big Duck Blog. We learned the right way to high-five, pursued the best pickles in New York, fixed Africa through social media, and shared our knowledge on array of nonprofit communication topics. As we forge ahead into a new year of Duck Call madness, we thought we’d pause to look back over a few of the key themes from this past year. 

How can you efficiently yet effectively update your website?

A couple of our most popular posts this year covered website redesigns and how to get it done without making yourself crazy. Jereme Bivins, Social Media Manager at the Foundation Center, guest blogged on “The One-Hour Website: Bootstrap Your Next Online Initiative with WordPress.Farra shared a flowchart, designed by Big Duck, to help you assess how you and your website are doing, from clear goals to smart technology. 

Ways to make your next campaign to shine. 

Still stumped on how to get your constituents to take action or participate in your campaigns? Rachel and Farra covered this topic throughout the year with a checklist to help jump-start your next campaign, 12 ways you can make your campaign stronger, and tips for engaging your supporters with online actions.

Speaking of shiny, what’s visual storytelling?

Art Director, Rebecca Hume, explained how the best tales are told not just with evocative language but through smart visual design. She shared 10 tips for better nonprofit photos and Once upon a Design: Introducing Visual Storytelling.

And finally, a few big ideas for your communications (and for life).

Whatever your next project is–campaign, website, rebranding, you name it–make it stronger with some words to avoid, a few life imperatives from a successful nonprofit leader, and reflections from an executive director on how to make social media manageable.

Thanks for continuing to read the blog and let us know if there are any topics in nonprofit communications you want to hear more about (or food challenges you think we should take on). Happy blogging!