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April 18, 2011

Fun with fundraising | Weekly Roundup

  • How can you make it even easier for supporters to make a donation or buy merchandise at your next event? Mimi Cook of NTEN describes how you can use a tool called Square to swipe credit cards on the go with just a simple (free) card reader and a smartphone. Just when you thought fundraising couldn’t get any funner…
  • If you’ve just signed up for the newly revamped Google for Nonprofits, you’ve now got a shiny new YouTube channel of your very own. Make your nonprofit the star of the silver screen with these video tips from the team over at YouTube.
  • How does Facebook really add value to your online communications? Learn what kinds of success you can expect from your efforts (and what you shouldn’t count on) with this sneak peek from an upcoming Idealware report on Facebook and nonprofits.
  • And while you’re at it, scroll on over to Greenpeace’s “Unfriend Coal” Page, where they’re running a campaign that pressures Facebook to go greener. It’s a nice example of how Facebook can be used for organizing and taking action, a useful illustration of why it’s valuable to speak your audience’s language (e.g. “unfriending”), and the very definition of meta. Read a little more about the campaign’s progress from Jorge Cino on All Facebook.
  • Get your check-in on this weekend: number geeks and technophiles the world over have united to declare 4/16 the second annual Foursquare Day (four squared, get it?). Everybody’s doing it–even Mayor Bloomberg.

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