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September 29, 2011

Flex your multichannel muscles at the Nonprofit Blog Carnival

The Nonprofit Blog Carnival is back in town! Our topic this month: multichannel communications.

We’ve gathered some great posts from ’round the web into an invigorating Multichannel Communications Bootcamp for your reading and learning pleasure. (If a bootcamp at a carnival sounds like a contradiction in terms, don’t worry–I’m not a very tough task master, and you can eat all the cotton candy you want.)

Warm it up
What is multichannel anyway? For nonprofits, it’s a way to approach your marketing work, integrating all the different tools and channels you use to communicate (websites, direct mail, events, email, etc.). An effective multichannel program takes into account all of your many communications opportunities and makes sure that your donors, volunteers, supporters, and clients have a consistent experience of your organization wherever they look.

Integrated communications are extra important in our fast-paced world of information overload, where reaching someone in the right place at the right time with the right message is the key to making change and raising dollars.

Here are a few helpful posts to get you started:

Raise, raise, raise those funds!

Multichannel fundraising is hot stuff these days, and we received a number of interesting posts about how integration can help bring in the dollars.

Feel the burn
When you’re connecting with new audiences or exploring new tools, a multichannel strategy is important to help you reach your goals.

See the results
Wondering what all of this looks like in the real world? Here are a few case studies to help you envision how an integrated approach takes shape.

Good work, everyone. Thanks to all who submitted posts and helped get the word out for the September Carnival. But the fun doesn’t stop here–Wild Apricot Blog is hosting the October edition of the Carnival on Tips, tools and tactics for improving the volunteer experience and effectiveness. See you there!

Any tips, ideas, or examples of integrated communications, or any great posts I’ve missed? Please share in the comments.