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December 1, 2010

Ducks look back. (And forward.)

Big Duck

Here we are in December already (how did that happen?!), and suddenly, ’tis the season to reflect on the year behind us and start thinking about goals for the year ahead. So to help get your new year off to a good start, we dedicated this month’s issue of the Duck Pond to a roundup of timely advice that we have blogged or written about this year. Think of it as a “Year in Review” or a “Greatest Hits” edition. And if that wasn’t enough for you, here’s a prediction for 2011 from each Duck for you to ponder as you look forward to the new year.

  • Dan: “My pessimistic side predicts we’ll continue to see nonprofits use sector-specific jargon that no one understands. My optimistic side predicts that nonprofits will write with renewed focus on their audiences.”
  • Liz: “I predict we’ll see more and more nonprofits using QR codes to connect offline communications (like direct mail or print ads) to their online presence.”
  • Farra: “2011 will be the year nonprofits start routinely collecting cell phone numbers and thinking about how to use mobile. Those nonprofits that have a mobile strategy might expand it to include a mobile version of their site, a value-added smartphone app, and ways to use texting beyond fundraising.”
  • Jenna: “With more and more nonprofits embracing social media, in 2011 we’ll see increasing numbers of nonprofits create dedicated Social Media Manager positions.”
  • Rebecca: “Nonprofits will continue to realize the value of using infographics to demonstrate the success of their work. The Gates Foundation even has an ‘infographics’ page.
  • Kat: “More a recommendation than a prediction, but I suggest that nonprofits get organized, plan ahead, and get their communications calendars in place early in the year.”
  • Rachel: “Building up to 2012 election will push online campaigners to come up with new ways to mobilize people online (my bet is even more uses of Facebook Connect). And a tip: Subscribe to candidates’ email lists early, and let their ideas inspire leaps in your own online outreach!”
  • Indra: “The shift away from traditional print annual reports will continue with more being designed as mini-websites. The Salvation Army and the New York Public Library already do this nicely.”
  • Sarah: “In 2011, nonprofits will embrace communications as a way to build relationships with donors, clients, and other key audiences more fully by staffing differently for it. Instead of having development staff or no staff at all managing communications, we’ll see more organizations hiring dedicated staff people to manage their brand, leverage social media for social change, and make sure their organization is staying current.”
  • Maddy: “Nonprofits will focus more and more on communicating their impact, not just their activities.”
  • Scott: “In the upcoming year, I think nonprofits will trim their social media down and focus mainly on Facebook and Twitter, as those become the two most universally accepted tools. I also envision a brighter web future for nonprofits, in which very clean, open, and uncluttered websites rule the day.”
  • Sonny: “Nonprofits will be more adventurous about themselves and their work. With budgets running low, and competition to stand out from peers and stay worthy of your audience’s attention running high, anything that demonstrates a true personality or breaks some molds will win the day. Whether it’s an unexpected rebrand, a campaign with humor, or a new app, nonprofit organizations will take that leap.”

What are your predictions for 2011? Do you agree with us Ducks, or do you have some different ideas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.