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March 12, 2010

Are you my audience? | Weekly Roundup

  • If you’re like most nonprofits in social media, your tools of choice probably include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn–the usual suspects. But are you missing out on opportunities elsewhere online? Jason Baer on Social Media Today writes about the importance of finding your audiences where they are, instead of just assuming that the “Big 4” is the place to be.
  • But it’s not just about where your audiences are–it’s also about when. In the case of your Facebook fans, according to Dan Zarrella, the weekend might be the time they’re most likely to share or respond to your content. When they say social media are a 24/7 responsibility, they aren’t kidding.
  • It’s official: Susan G. Komen is the nonprofit sector’s MVB (most valuable brand). Joanne Fritz discusses some of the reasons they’ve been so successful–food for thought for any nonprofit looking to build its brand.

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