April 22, 2022

Addressing problematic white women in fundraising; Calling folks in to make a change

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White women dominate the fundraising sector in North America and are often practicing gatekeeping, seeing themselves as martyrs and saviors, and responding to feedback with fragility.

In this session, Liz LeClair, co-founder at Sargasso Philanthropic CIC, and Farra Trompeter, Co-Director at Big Duck, discussed how white women play a big part in systemic racism in the nonprofit sector and ask; why is this and how can it change?

Liz and Farra have extensive careers in the nonprofit sector; each one with more than 20 years of experience in fundraising, communications, governance, and more. Together they are actively confronting their own problematic behaviors as white women and are on a mission to examine this more broadly. We want to help shift what we are doing and understand the impact it has on our colleagues, clients, and other members of our community.

Attendees left the session able to:

  • Identify harmful behaviors perpetrated by fundraisers
  • Develop solutions to confront problematic behaviors
  • Learn how to respond to feedback without fragility

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Jen Petersen

Jen Petersen is the Marketing Manager, Worker-Owner at Big Duck

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Farra Trompeter

Farra Trompeter is the Co-Director, Worker-Owner at Big Duck

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