Guy Sie
International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region

Restructuring a department for lasting success

Social justice

International Planned Parenthood/Western Hemisphere Region (IPPF/WHR) connects their many partners—and millions of people—to the global movement for sexual and reproductive rights. With a new Regional Director and strategic plan, the time was right to amplify the role of communications in their next phase of growth and development.

New leadership sees communications’ greater role.

In 2016, IPPF/WHR’s new regional director saw the opportunity to leverage communications more strategically to support fundraising and programs objectives. The moment was opportune in many ways—to connect a wider array of audiences to IPPF/WHR’s mission, increase visibility and awareness, boost fundraising efforts, and build on a period of growth.

A strong team supports a new strategic plan

Big Duck helped IPPF/WHR restructure their communications department to build its in-house capacity to support the organization as it grows toward long-term goals. We recommended moving away from jobs that emphasized channels toward clearer engagement and content-producing functions. Merging communications and development, we identified new seats for top performers to leverage their skills and identified how the team might optimally expand. Finally, we supported IPPF/WHR’s in-house HR staff in a search for a new Director of Communications by surfacing, screening, and interviewing top candidates.

Finding the right person faster

Because Big Duck works deeply with so many nonprofit communications professionals, we were able to grasp IPPF/WHR’s needs quickly, share our insights, and surface qualified candidates faster than a traditional search firm.


Big Duck helped us in three ways: First, to get clearer about what communications—as a department and function—can do to help us grow and fulfill our strategic plan. Second, how to structure our comms team in a way that could scale up as we grow. Third, they helped us find a rock star Director of Communications in record time.

— Dana Rogers, Director of Development, International Planned Parenthood/Western Hemisphere Region

As a result

IPPF/WHR’s new Communications Director and restructured communications department work smarter, faster, and more efficiently—directly supporting the strategic plan. The IPPF/WHR team is fostering cohesive communications between departments, engaging new audiences, and cultivating a new, diverse base of donors.


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