Bat Conservation International

Boosting a team’s capacity to fundraise


Following significant changes in their leadership and staff, Bat Conservation International needed a more efficient way to attract, engage, and inspire supporters—and a partner to help boost their in-house team’s ability to make it happen.

Defining a fresh approach to raising money.
The Chief Development Officer of Bat Conservation International knew it was the right time to pursue a different approach to fundraising after experiencing staff changes and observing declining retention rates. They also needed a smart plan—informed by expert guidance and research—to ensure they made the most of their limited resources. Direction and guidance on which skills to build in-house would prove essential so they could strengthen their fundraising and communications team for the long haul.

Jumpstarting year-end fundraising

Big Duck led the Bat Conservation International team through a daylong year-end fundraising campaign intensive. Collaboratively, we defined their strategy, developed a plan, and got their creative wheels in motion. By the end of the day, the Bat Conservation International team had a clear definition of success, a sense of what they should spend their time on, channels to prioritize, and a vision for how the campaign would come together across print and digital mediums. To ensure they could take on the work themselves come year-end, we delivered a report with an overview of the campaign strategy and a tactical calendar.

A smart plan for communicating with supporters

Big Duck also assessed Bat Conservation International’s donor and member communications through a series of research activities. We proposed a shift in how they communicate with supporters to make their experiences more seamless, with goals to increase donor engagement and long-term giving. We shared our recommendations in a supporter communications plan complete with tactics for reaching (and retaining) supporters, a detailed roadmap and timelines, and clear steps to measure success.

We also helped them reassess how their communications team was structured and provided some support as they hired and trained new staff members.

Big Duck quickly grasped our needs and goals, and helped us develop a sustainable model for raising money. Our team has been able to take their guidance and carry out more focused—and effective—fundraising campaigns in-house. As a thought partner, Big Duck has been invaluable.

— Kenda Lovecchio, Chief Development Officer, Bat Conservation International

As a result

Development and communications staff have what they need to expand their supporter base and increase retention over the course of the next three years. In short, Bat Conservation International is saving time and money by focusing their team on what works when it comes to fundraising.


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