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April 30, 2012

Yes, your mom was right. Again. | Weekly Roundup

Meghan Teich
  • Did your mom ever tell you to choose your battles? Learn how that can help you be a better decision-maker over at the 99 Percent. 
  • Didn’t know you had a brand inconsistency problem? Fear not, for NetwitsThinkTank has the solution, and some great examples of solid nonprofit branding. 
  • Still waiting for flying cars and moon colonies? The future is already here, and the future is mobile. Over at Beth’s Blog, check out some mobile strategies for social impact. 
  • Make sure your emails have a one-way ticket straight to your supporters’ inboxes, instead of a round-trip back to you. These helpful hints from Idealware will help your email get where it needs to go.  
  • Pinterest: the little social network that could? If you think Pinterest is all about home decor and wedding planning, think again. OnlineMBA names 10 surprising brands killing it on Pinterest. 

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