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July 25, 2016

What we give a quack about this summer

Big Duck

While the city seems to be slowing down for the summer, Big Duck is seeing lots of action. In addition to hiding from the crushing heat and whispering, “I love you” to our air conditioners, we’re welcoming new Ducks, getting in gear for year-end season, and wrapping our heads around new developments in the nonprofit world.

Wondering what those developments are? 

  • In a recent article about year-end fundraising, The NonProfit Times used a case study Farra presented with Will Nolan—senior vice president of Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy—at Fundraising Day in June to show how engaging donors early on, and making them the hero in any fundraising campaign, will help make year-end fundraising a success. If you’ve worked with Big Duck on fundraising (or if you’re a regular blog reader), that probably sounds mighty familiar. 
  • Ah, CRM. A recent report compares some of the most popular CRM tools used by nonprofits (Blackbaud Luminate Online, Engaging Networks, Salsa, EveryAction, Neon, and Charity Engine), offering a nice comparison chart and in-depth reviews of each tool—pretty useful if you’re in the process of choosing a new CRM, or if you’re just interested in what’s out there.

  • Facebook is on a roll! They just expanded their latest fundraiser feature to allow users to create dedicated fundraiser pages to raise money for their favorite nonprofits. Not only that, but they also unveiled 360 Photos that basically makes panorama images more immersive. If your nonprofit has any cool images or sneak peeks that could help tell your story, consider making them 360.

  • Charity Navigator—one of the most important charity rating services—made changes to its Rating System, meaning about a quarter of the organizations they evaluate will see their ratings change due to the new system. Check it out and see if or how your rating changed.

What’ve you been reading/thinking about/doing this summer? Let us know in the comments!