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September 1, 2009

Wellfleet Audubon tells it like it is

Every summer, I have the great good fortune to spend time with family in Wellfleet, Massachusetts- arguably the most charming town on Cape Cod. This year, my kids attended day camp at the local Audobon– three hours of mucking around in the tidal flats, learning about brackish water, poking at hermit crabs, and imbibing ‘leave no trace’ principals. What could be better for two kids from Brooklyn?

Inside Wellfleet Audubon

In addition to effectively implementing their mission to build an appreciation of nature at the programmatic level, the Wellfleet Audobon does lots of things well. One of the best examples of in-person communications I’ve seen recently is the signage in their new buildings. A few years ago, they redid their programs buildings using the latest in green technologies- recycled materials, composting toilets, and more. But rather than describe it only in their newsletters and other member-focused communications, they wove explanations about these items through the spaces themselves.

Walls painted with recycled paint.

They also used recycled wood for their floors.

Using green circles about a foot in diameter, they tell the stories behind each item in their construction. As you walk through, you can read them or ignore them- but there’s no doubt this organization is ‘walking the talk’ and demonstrating the value of sustainability in this key venue, where most audiences connect with them.

How is your organization walking the talk?