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February 4, 2013

Tweeting on your Feet | Weekly Roundup

Meghan Teich
  • There was some big sporting event last night, not sure if you caught it. If not, you missed some great examples of brands staying nimble and taking full advantage of their social media presence. Check out how Tide and Oreo capitalized on the Great Super Bowl Blackout of 2013 over at Fast Company. 
  • It used to be just a pipe dream, but the day is finally here. There’s now a way to target and analyze your email list on Facebook – no, seriously. Social Media Examiner has all the details.
  • It’s all of 2 weeks old now, but the blog over at Ogilvy makes the case for why you should test out Vine, Twitter’s burgeoning video app. Have you taken the plunge for your organization yet?  
  • Is your donate button looking for a new, optimized home on your website? Branded Out Loud has some suggestions that could help you rake in a few more dollars.  
  • And finally, makes the case that online engagement is for naught, and that we all might be wasting our time. Find out why that rings more true than you might think. 

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